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Lily.Petal 05-22-11 02:20 PM

Blizzard UI Art Pack
Is there any library or site I may go to to get default UI art? Want to try something with KG panels. I know SharedMedia has a blizzard one, but it's not really anything I need.

Any suggestions?

Moxie 05-22-11 02:41 PM

You could take a look through here:

Not a pack, per say, but it has everything you need all the same.

Lily.Petal 05-22-11 02:51 PM

Hm, and how would I be able to use them in KGPanels as a background?

Say if I wanted to use:

"Interface\TARGETINGFRAME\UI-FocusFrame-Large.png" -- or BLP/TGA; w/e the default art is extended as.

I'm sure it would be an OnLoad event correct?

EDIT: Might have a way derp, let me check.
EDIT2: yep, I just had a /palm moment. Thanks again! Great help :)

sakurakira 05-22-11 06:52 PM

Here is the official one, but they are all blp of course.

Lily.Petal 05-22-11 07:20 PM


Originally Posted by sakurakira (Post 237804)

Here is the official one, but they are all blp of course.

Danke, both will probably help me :)

Also, I used to be on Vek'nilash ;D I was in [A]<Vested> through TBC and Wrath.

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