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wargazzumz 08-11-19 01:24 PM

addon help for classic wow
Hi ... It has been a very long time since i have had to manually put addons onto my game.
but my main question is ... some addon's just links you to twitch and those addons i already have installed but on my current BFA game.
so my question is if you have a certain addon on your current game will it also be in your classic ?
if not then how do i reinstall that addon to the classic as well.
i also see there is a bunch of dif sites to find your addons ... but like this site does not have even half of what other have.
like for an example

jeffy162 08-11-19 02:51 PM

All you really need to know is the folder structure, and you can look for yourself. But I would be willing to bet that your addons did not "self-replicate" to your classic addon folder (the classic WoW game is NOT the "normal" WoW, but it's folder IS in the WoW folder that is on your computer. IF you installed it, that is.).

Kanegasi 08-11-19 02:51 PM

Will It Classic is a link aggregation site for addons that either work in classic or are actively maintained for classic. It does not host any addons, it just tracks addons hosted on here, Curse, github, and their own sites.

As for the amount of addons here versus Curse, that's on the authors. No addon site collects addons, which you aren't supposed to do. The authors themselves have to upload their addons.

Finally, for your install issue, retail addons are installed under World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns. If you want to install addons for classic, you go to World of Warcraft\_classic_\Interface\AddOns.

Comicus 08-11-19 02:51 PM

Classic has it's own folder, just change on Twitch and where the _retail_ version is shown just drop to the _classic_ version. That should give you a start. I have been checking addons files to pick the Classic versions.

wargazzumz 08-11-19 08:54 PM

ty for the helpful info ... one last question then how would i go about changing the path that twitch sends its addons to the right folder or is that possible?

wargazzumz 08-11-19 08:57 PM

ok so just change retail to classic in my twitch and that should do it ... right?

wargazzumz 08-11-19 08:59 PM

ah but it doesnt let you change it :(

myrroddin 08-12-19 12:21 AM

In the Twitch App, scan for games or manually add a game via the settings. The cogwheel in the top right.

Comicus 08-12-19 07:02 PM

I just do a <refresh> when I change versions.

Ketho 08-13-19 04:04 AM

twitch app support for classic is hot garbage

it doesn't show any file updates for classic addons :mad:

myrroddin 08-13-19 06:22 PM

We are derailing the original thread. However, the reason Twitch doesn't show updates for Classic AddOns is that Twitch hasn't created a category for them. Once they do that, the app should work as intended, assuming authors flag their AddOns accordingly.

I don't work for Twitch, but I assume they are waiting for launch day. There is no way I can confirm, of course. You could ask in their support channels in the app, or in IRC.

MooreaTv 08-16-19 06:42 AM

looks like twitch is starting to work now (getting the right version for the right game)

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