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gjcire 10-15-06 05:24 PM

Download Isn't Working

Cairenn 10-15-06 05:31 PM

A) Lose the caps lock.

B) Be a bit more specific, please and thank you? "Y wont it work" doesn't tell us anything.

gjcire 10-15-06 05:36 PM

I Dont Know Y It Wont Work Thats Y I Posted It SRY I CANT BE MORE SPICIFIC

Osagasu_Jiyuu 10-15-06 05:41 PM

Did you set your Addons options so that they're on?

Did you force your UI to load out of date addons?

Did you install the addons?

Do you get error messages?
What is it?

What addons do you have installed?

Dolby 10-15-06 05:41 PM

The problem is you left out some basic information any one would need to help you.

What mods did you download?

How did you go about installing them?

Do they not show up or are you getting some type of error?


gjcire 10-15-06 05:44 PM

how do i set the addons

Cairenn 10-15-06 05:44 PM

Not to mention the fact you said the download isn't working. So for all I can tell, it may be that you can't even get them downloaded in the first place, let alone that you are having problems with installing.

Now, try this again, shall we? Preferably without the caps lock this time.

What is the problem?

gjcire 10-15-06 05:48 PM

when i downloaded the T.King's Elfwood for World of Warcraft and i thought it just came on

gjcire 10-15-06 05:50 PM

plz help me

Cairenn 10-15-06 05:51 PM

Did you follow his installation instructions in the file description?

Dolby 10-15-06 05:52 PM

The T.King interfaces install differently from normal addons. From the same page you downloaded from...

Installation instructions:
  • Save to your World of Warcraft folder, and extract. Allow it to overwrite files if prompted to do so, unless you suspect there are custom graphics belonging to an addon (in any case this shouldn’t be a problem).
(PLEASE NOTE) When you select Extract All, make sure the destination for the extraction is \program files\world of warcraft - and not \program files\world of warcraft\TKing_Elfwood1\ - simply backspace over the \TKing_Elfwood1 path.
  • The .zip file creates the folder \data\interface with additional subfolders containing the graphics (.blp) files. To remove this theme, simply remove the subfolders beneath \data\interface.
  • Launch World of Warcraft.
If you have a question about one of the installation steps dont hesitate to ask.

gjcire 10-15-06 05:53 PM

yes i foled the instructions

gjcire 10-15-06 06:11 PM

i did wat u said but it didn't work

Cairenn 10-15-06 06:15 PM

Alright, post your install path, please?

gjcire 10-15-06 06:17 PM

dolby how do i remove the sub folders

Cairenn 10-15-06 06:18 PM

You only need to remove them if you want to uninstall it.

gjcire 10-15-06 06:21 PM

ok then y is the thing not working

Cairenn 10-15-06 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by Cairenn
Alright, post your install path, please?

*repeats her request*

gjcire 10-15-06 06:24 PM

can any 1tell me that

gjcire 10-15-06 06:25 PM

how do i post my instlation path

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