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becks 11-16-10 02:23 PM

removal of target auras
Hi i have been using the NUI+ for a while now, i want to be able to remove the "current auras cast on the target by the player" (thats what it says on the picture).

I have tried various combinations of the /nui Hud options but have been unable to find one that removes this.

any help would be much appreciated

many thanks


spiel2001 11-16-10 08:25 PM

There is no option to turn that off. The only way you can do that would be to edit the code in [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > HUDLayouts > {hud mode} nUI_HUDSkin_{hud mode}_Target.lua ] and locate the ["Aura"] section and comment out the "help" auras.

Bobni 01-24-13 09:14 AM

I have just installed NUI and been trying to get it how I like. Right now theres just two things I want to change; player auras like the default (8/8) buffs, food icon etc...

And the target auras... I can't stand losing the entire right side of the screen on boss fights to all the debuffs on boss, i want to disable it. I have no idea how to do the above though and this is the only request i've found thus far on the topic.

spiel2001 01-24-13 06:08 PM

Try using the nUI_AuraButtons plugin. That's likely fix it. There's also a '/nui maxauras' command you can use to limit how many are shown.

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