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Algerhugz 02-25-13 08:55 AM

Experience Bar
Is there a way to disable the xp bar? I have a char that is now part of a lvl 80 guild Locked XP and would like to shut the xp bar off such as it is when you are maxed lvl. Possible?

spiel2001 02-25-13 09:42 PM

There's really no way to do it on a per-character basis. Your only option would be to edit [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > nUI_Layout_Default_Dashboard.lua ] and scroll down until you find nUI_DefaultConfig.XPBar -- you'll want to change "enabled = true" to "enabled = false" in both locations. But, that will turn it off for all characters.

Algerhugz 02-26-13 02:57 AM

Okay thanks for the quick answer. :) I kinda figured there wouldn't be a way to do it for just one char. Its not a major thing.

Thanks again.

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