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MunkDev 04-19-16 11:31 AM

Pro tip: read the beta source code
I guess this goes without saying to you lot who have been around for a couple of expansions, but reading the beta source code before you're actually in the beta can save you both time and energy. I'm working on a UI replacement that may or may not be ready by the time the expansion hits and I did something stupid.

I spent roughly two days worth of extracurricular time re-designing the GlyphFrame with custom textures and fancy animations, only to find out the entire Blizzard_GlyphUI addon is apparently being scrapped in Legion (woops). In retrospect, I guess this information was fairly obvious, but it just happend to pass by unnoticed on my end.

Anyway, here's the design that will go in the dumpster soon. Ironically, the runes were stolen from the new challenge mode key stone frame.

Folji 04-19-16 12:23 PM

Those are some really elegant designs though, well done with them!

But yeah, the removal of glyphs came when they first really dug into the details of the expansion, I think. Or generally all the upcoming class changes. Back in November at the very least people were talking about it. Kinda sitting on a similar feeling to this myself, as far as the project I've been working on. I want to do class-tailored resource displays, but there is a good chance I'd have things good for a release much sooner rather than later, and definitely before Legion comes out. Most likely before the summer.

But that means I'd need to do things to handle arcane charges, design and implement shadow orbs, I'd have to implement all these things fully well knowing that they're going to be the first to go when updating for Legion, haha.

Miiru 04-19-16 11:48 PM

I would recommend you keeping your designs somewhere safe, because you never know what will be coming back :D

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