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Thubz 04-30-16 05:47 PM

Some opinions and feedback please. <3
Hey lads,

Since im pretty bored with WoD and kinda done with complete UI changes i made in the pass i've decided to revamp the default UI to my own likes.

Whas wondering what people think of it so far since im planning to upload it, the screenshots are bit older then current version but it should be enough to see what im aiming for.

There some addons involved in the screenshots ill make a list below with links to them out of respect for the authors :)

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Addon list:
Weakauras (Combo points in center, the tiny class indicators next to the portait & stunbar)
Simple Class Portraits
Clean Icons - Crisp
Leatrix Plus

There is no need to be gentle altho keep in mind im a human with feelings <3

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