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gyunter 09-20-19 12:08 PM

There is not so much one could add to the title. I 've tried different versions of ABS, but neither of them works properly, the best one I could find has only restored items and macros, but not the spells and I also get tons of LUA errors both when saving and restoring, because GetSpellName returns nil.

jeffy162 09-20-19 06:10 PM

I'd guess that you're using the default UI, and are not interested in changing it. But, I would suggest that you use an action bar addon. These seem to have an action bar saver built in. Something like Dominos or Bartender4 Will do the job, and they both have Masque support. If you want to keep the default appearance I know that Bartender4 has that built in, and I don't know if Dominos has it (it's been 3 years since I've been able to play WoW, and I don't anticipate being able to ever play it again). I do know, however, that Masque (I believe) has a Blizzard-like skin in the default download.

By-the-way, both Dominos and Bartender4 have classic versions (Masque too).

gyunter 09-21-19 02:28 PM

Bartender didn't do the job. Ok let's me explain in detail why I need exactly the functionality that action bar saver had (and now doesn't because it's broken in classic).
I have 2 devices: desktop and laptop and their keyboards are quite different. That's why I want my action panels to be saved locally on the respective device. Since they are always synchronized with the server, they must be saved and restored every time I change the device. Ofc I can do it manually from screenshots but I don't like it.

jeffy162 09-21-19 03:48 PM

Do you have your action bar's set up the same on both machines? If you don't, then you should use profiles with your action bar addon (and, it may be redundant, but, make sure to use the same action bar addon on both machines). You might have to use different profiles on each machine if you don't have your bars set up the same.

It's probably a good idea to use profiles regardless.

EDIT: Try Dominos. I know it uses profiles, besides I am more used to Dominos anyway. It was my action bar of choice before I started using ElvUI. \EDIT

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