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Eraphine 07-28-05 04:37 PM

Can't get Rundown to Work

I downloaded KC_Items, as I thought rundown would be a great program to hold me over until you finish implementing remote inventory and bank viewing.

However, I can't get rundown to work.

I made sure that Inventory and Bank are all enabled, as well as Core.

Typing /kci rundown <string> just brings up the Rundown window.

I looked in the savedvariables.lua, and it does look like the Database is being generated.

Any ideas? I am using preview release d.

Kaelten 07-28-05 08:58 PM

are you using any bank/inventory window replace ment addons?

Eraphine 07-29-05 07:18 AM

Only Onebag
At the time I was only using Onebag 1.0a if I recall.

Kaelten 07-29-05 09:36 AM

hmm I use onebag and it works fine. IS bank information saving for you? I'll be looking into this to validate that it is truely working as it should.

Eraphine 07-29-05 12:02 PM

I downloaded KCI 0.9

Bank data and inventory data are definitely being saved. I can see the arrays in my savedvariables.lua. Furthermore, I can see the tooltip information with linkview.

in KCI 0.9, using rundown still only brings up the window and never returns any hits.

As a sidenote, it'd be a useful debugging indicator, and in general useful, to have a "No Matches" when there are none.

Kaelten 07-29-05 12:17 PM

true, try leaving the search block black and hitting search.

should give you a list of everything.

I'll include a "No Match" in the next version.

Eraphine 07-29-05 01:22 PM

Rundown problems
I did as you suggested. Opening rundown, leaving the search field blank, and hitting the "Rundown" button returns nothing. You said it should return all?

Random 07-29-05 02:47 PM

I just wanted to say, I think you should add the functionality to display what prices you want in the tooltips, personally I would only like to to show the prices like this:

Vendor Price for 1 of item
Vendor Price for however many is in stack
Auction Price for 1 of item

Kaelten 07-29-05 08:55 PM

Random: This is planned, I'm trying to hammer out the core functionality before I start rounding everything out.

Eraphine: Ok, well give me a few.

mumblerit 07-30-05 12:00 AM

I also have the same problem, rundown was working before linkview, now with linkview, no rundown. I disabled the auction and sellvalue modules as i use auctioneer, altho they are still being loaded by wow.

i use onebag
i use tipbuddy

Kaelten 07-30-05 01:22 AM

try deleting KCI and reinstalling. Also when updating make sure you overwrite all files

mumblerit 07-30-05 01:53 AM

done and done, rundown still doesnt work, linkview works. rundown doesnt.... i deleted all your addon folders, and my savedvariables and its still not working

also type /kci rundown toggle just brings up the rundown windown with toggle as the search parameter

Kaelten 07-30-05 08:30 AM

eggad. Well if you delete linkview does rundown then work?

Kaelten 07-30-05 09:30 AM

Aha found the problem with rundown. Ace accidently had an tab replacing a single space in the so when the data was saved it was unloadable by rundown.

I didn't appear to have this problem since I still had the old char id's info too.

So to fix:

DL the new ace. install ace and then type:
/kci inventory clear
/kci bank clear

That will get rid of the bad. visit the bank and move an item in your inventory and you'll be good to go.

mumblerit 07-30-05 09:44 AM

it works now, but the first time i go to the bank after login i get an error on line 209 of bankitems attempt to call method 'GetKey'(a nil value)

rundown appears to be working correctly

Correction, Rundown is working for inventory, but not for bank. I tried manually saving the bank info and then did a rundown but still no results that are in bank.

Kaelten 07-30-05 10:02 AM

it appears your running an older version of the bank module.

Delete it and reinstall the new one and it should work np.

mumblerit 07-30-05 10:44 AM

haha, it would appear in my tinkering aroud trying to get rundown working i accidently was using an old version. Its all up and working now.

Kaelten 07-30-05 07:42 PM

awesome glad to hear it.

Barabas 08-01-05 01:39 AM

Hi Kaelten,

Great work you did on this one... :)
I'm using KC_EnhancedTrades for a while and when OneBag and KC_Items will work better together
( Check BankBag without being at the Bank, Multiple PlayerBags-/and BankBags ) i will switch immediatly from MyBank/MyInventory to OneBag/KC_Items.
But one litte question i do have.
Is it possible to implement the EnhancedToolTip which is used by Auctioneer?
I like the visual scheme that the Infos are desplayed in a separate ToolTIp under the normal one. Iit would be nice to see this ToolTip in the LinvViewer and in OneBag.

As for this...Keep up the great work :)


Kaelten 08-01-05 01:44 AM

I'm going to be looking into providing a second tooltip for those who want it, althought I'm not sure its going to be quite the same as EnhTooltip. We'll just have to see.

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