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eiszeit 08-04-12 01:03 PM

Chat + Pet Battle
Hm, does someone of you have the same issue, that you have an extra Pet Tab which doesn't go away (except you manually close it after a fight) and the "Win" text in your normal ChatFrame (1) shows the path to the pet icon and not the icon itself?

Edit: Screenshot

zork 08-05-12 03:10 AM

Actually I don't.

blacknight 08-05-12 03:32 PM

try shutting off all addons and see if it stops could be an addon causing the issue

eiszeit 08-08-12 04:20 AM

Already found the error. Everything's fine now.

Seerah 08-08-12 12:23 PM

What was the error? :p

wolftech 08-08-12 12:23 PM


Originally Posted by eiszeit (Post 259358)
Already found the error. Everything's fine now.

What was it because I have the same problem...

eiszeit 08-09-12 04:56 AM

I had to add another filter in my url copy script, which skips the other when something like an interface path is found.

Since I am at work I don't have that code here.. but bChat does it this way, too.

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