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PeterGunn 04-14-15 10:06 AM

Mana Percentage/Low Mana
One of my healers is asking about an add-on or even possibly a Macro that will Yell/Say in Raid/Instance Chat when her mana reaches a certain percentage and/or Out of Mana..... I of course made up a Macro she can click that will send this to chat, but she wants it more automated. I saw one called AutoShoutOut, but this is dead dead dead. Any Ideas or anything that already exists?

Seerah 04-14-15 07:01 PM

I used to like GemSay for automated messages.

But a smaller, more focused addon could be made or may already exist.

(PS- I moved your thread to the search/requests forum.)

Phanx 04-16-15 01:04 AM

I thought automated "low health/mana" spamming went out of style back in the Burning Crusade. :(

A macro (or being on voice chat) is a much better way to go on this -- that way you only announce your low mana when it actually matters for the situation at hand.

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