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ievil 08-28-16 02:44 PM

Aritifact Power and quests?

Is there any of the changed API that will give info about if a quest reward is artifact power or not?


rowaasr13 10-29-16 01:09 AM

I couldn't find one, so I just scan the item's tooltip in Garrison Mission Manager's mission reward AP display and some macros I have to use all AP items in bag. Available in library here: Usage for relevant function:
Lua Code:
  1. -- Get amount of AP
  2. ap_amount = LibStub:GetLibrary("LibTTScan-1.0").GetItemArtifactPower(item_id)
  3. -- Or just true/false if you want to see if item is AP consumable
  4. is_ap_consumable = LibStub:GetLibrary("LibTTScan-1.0").GetItemArtifactPower(item_id, true)

legowxelab2z8 11-01-16 04:59 AM

7.1 added an API function IsArtifactPowerItem() that takes an itemID, itemLink, or itemName and returns true or false

rowaasr13 11-07-16 01:33 PM

Ugh, it returns false for

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