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dblanch369 09-30-14 08:14 PM

Bug - hangs when exiting application
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I'm running OSX 10.9.5, I just starting using Minion today, but notice that the application "hangs" after telling it to quit. After waiting several minutes, the only thing that can be done is to do a "Force Quit". Other than that, I think this is a great application, and fills the void the Curse team has left by seemingly abandoning the OSX crowd.

Log and xml file are attached.

Thanks for the good work!

Edit: 64-bit system

Dolby 09-30-14 11:18 PM

Thanks for your log and xml file!

There is currently a bug when you try and close it using an osx method, however if you use the X in the upper right corner it will close with out hanging. We had fixed this bug awhile back but it cropped up again a few releases ago.

There is a ticket in our backlog to get this fixed.

Glad you like it and we are going to continue to improve upon it.

Bluspacecow 10-15-14 07:03 AM

If you've moved the Window or made it too big you can't get to the Close box then open :

~/.minion/minion.xml and edit out the position line.

You don't want to delete the file if you've already used it to update your addons as it does something weird to the hashes then and makes it look like you haven't updated your addon but you have.

But I could be an edge case given I then go from their and update the addons not on Wowinterface.

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