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BloodDragon 03-29-17 11:38 AM

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After the patch to 7.2 my addon no longer works. I do not know why I do not find the error. Maybe one of you knows where the error is.

See the screenshots:

That's how it looked:

So it is now:

I was inactive for so long that I am probably noob.

Kanegasi 03-29-17 11:55 AM

The name of the keystone changed. Instead of all of them saying "Mythic Keystone", they are now "Keystone: Dungeon Name".

BloodDragon 03-29-17 12:51 PM

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But i search the Key with item ID not with the Name. I understand this.
My addon is attached, can you show me the error lines please.

Tim 03-29-17 01:12 PM

Just some quick skimming and from what Kanegasi said..

Your MythicGuildKeys:evaluateIfKey function checks for a single item id of KEYSTONE_ITEM_ID. Since they changed the naming of keystones perhaps each dungeon keystone has their own id or perhaps every stone period has a unique id.

I would check the id of a stone in your bag and see if it matches your current KEYSTONE_ITEM_ID in your coding.

BloodDragon 03-29-17 01:24 PM

The item ID has remained the same.

Kanegasi 03-29-17 09:25 PM

I have discovered something. Keystones are no longer items, they are keystones. Blizzard made a completely new thing and it's what's screwing up addons.

Here's me trying to /dump the string:

23:19 Dump: value=[Keystone: Return to Karazhan: Lower]
23:19 Dump: ERROR: [string "return [Keystone: Return to..."]:1: unexpected symbol near '|'
23:20 Dump: value=GetItemInfo([Keystone: Return to Karazhan: Lower])
23:20 Dump: ERROR: [string "return GetItemInfo([Keyston..."]:1: unexpected symbol near '|'
23:20 Dump: value=GetItemLink([Keystone: Return to Karazhan: Lower])
23:20 Dump: ERROR: [string "return GetItemLink([Keyston..."]:1: unexpected symbol near '|'

Then I try to print() it:

[string "print(|cffa335ee|Hkeystone:227:3:1:0:0:0|h[Keystone: Return to ..."] line 1:
unexpected symbol near '|'

What? Not |Hitem:, |Hkeystone:!

Edit: I just now realized I was being dumb and forgot to surround each attempt with quotes. Discovering the "keystone" object is still valid though lol.

BloodDragon 03-30-17 11:11 AM

I give up I do not come any further. Thanks anyway for the help.

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