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samyonair 02-04-15 04:53 AM

Quest 34028 bad data
Hi Quest ID 24028 has a bad data waypoint, data from wowhead is false (tested on alliance side) Position to finish is in Gorgrond 69.6 , 26.1 an not frostfireridge searched about one our to find greetings samyonair

ircdirk 02-04-15 08:16 AM

Use quest data gathering and upload your data ;)

samyonair 02-04-15 04:40 PM

hope <ou get my data, because for the moment i'll test win10 with all my programs :-)

greetings Samyonair

ircdirk 02-04-15 11:36 PM

Win10 on your host? U dont use virtual machine to test new OS?

samyonair 02-05-15 02:59 AM

have a second hdd in swap in bios for boot, just for testing purposes and some hardware problems with network in virtual mode.

If os get's a crash easily can run main system, it is a bit complicate as in vrtual mode but this way Issues can be found in games for e.g. better performance.

Greetings Samyonair

atl77 02-05-15 03:35 AM

If the uploader doesn't work in Win10, you can still use the website :)

ircdirk 02-05-15 05:49 AM

Should work in win7+ ;)

Rythal 02-05-15 01:21 PM

Off topic... but how is win10? I don't usually like jumping to the new OS right away, but I really want the Microsoft Augmented Reality and it'll require it.

nelegalno2 02-05-15 01:36 PM

Win10 TechPreview is full of official MS recording software for keyboard, mouse, cam, mic, screen, you name it... (a.k.a. spyware) so be very careful what are you doing in it if it's connected to the net. Other than that it's still to unstable for me.

ircdirk 02-05-15 02:27 PM

Ill test win10 when its official released, first on VM.

nelegalno2 02-06-15 01:11 AM


Originally Posted by ircdirk (Post 306127)
Ill test win10 when its official released, first on VM.

Good idea, MS claims they'll remove the spyware from the final product...

Altough testing the TP on a VM or dedicated machine without entering sensitive data and giving it access to local resources shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately a lot of people are currently using Win10 as main OS without knowing they are supplying private/sensitive info to MS.

samyonair 02-06-15 03:58 AM

I use it not as main os, don't run main hdd if running win10, aside from playing wow i use it only to test a few programs (performance is much better than in win7), run it as local user, this way can test the enviorment at home (Soundsystem and other wifi network systems) without shareing much data with ms

My PC is in this case a vm without vm software, no data is shared with main os,

From what I have seen so far, for my purposes a change from win7 to win10 is longtime plan after win10 is rolled out, have tested win8 and dropped it after using the preview about 4 hours.

To tell something about performance have installed most software which is running on win7 and have a about 50 percent better performance in wow for e.g. fps arround 120 up from 50-60 in stable places not tested in raid yet.

Apps are a bit silly for e.g skype app is useless because of no groupconference possiblity. other apps same if you run a pdf you have downloaded you can read with app but in browser you have to install an exe to use, so for what i need apps if i need for other things another program?

greetings Samyonair

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