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alimjocox 05-17-10 03:54 AM

Two Bits: Filger and addon idea for hunters.
I was wondering where I could find a raw / original vers of Filger?
Hunter addon, it would be helpful in my opinion. Regarding lets say 'Track Humanoids' - theres the NPC in red and the border. and the enemy player red in silver border. I was wondering if there was an addon around that would change the red and silver border into something more obvious?

Nobgul 05-17-10 05:27 AM

Doing a quick search of google. The addon is definitely not supported anymore. I was unable to find it stand alone. Now I did come across the name of the original author. According to the website I found the following user is the original author If for some reason this is a different addon I apologize =)

I also found a ui compilation with a addon of the same name in it.

Not sure if this is the same addon you were looking for.

Ailae 05-17-10 05:41 AM

Have you looked here?

jasje 05-17-10 08:03 AM

Posting this just to be ahead of question on how to edit filger.

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