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cowboykiwi 10-16-14 07:24 AM

[Mac] WTF folder issue
Hello, i hope not being redundant or violating forum rules.

After several years of Realui on Mac without any kind of problems, yesterday, with the game fully patched, i ecountered the following issue: after any relog Realui keep printing the "click to install" overlay screen. The interface reloads and the "click to install" screen is still there, making anything impossible, 'cept esc and exit game..

The only way to avoid this is to delete the WTF folder and relaunch the game, where the "click to install" happens only once, till next relog.

Atm my wow is clean: only Realui 8 "interface" folder and no WTF.

Once i log off, the newly saved files in the newly created WTF folder will make to "click to install" loop to happen again.

Really no idea what to do.

Thank you for your help!

Gethe 10-16-14 08:38 AM

Get through the install, then see if you have any errors.

Brisingamen 10-16-14 05:47 PM

FWIW, I'm seeing the same thing, only I'm seeing it specific to one character. All my other characters work fine. On that one character, though, I have the infinite loop of "Click to Install." I can get past it by deleting that one character's folder from down in the WTF file. Then I can log into that character, and come and go, until the next time I quit WoW, and then it repeats. It may or may not matter that the one affected character has an accented letter in her name—Réalta.

When I do log in, bug sack only shows the same two errors as it does with all my toons, one about nibRealUI\Modules\ObjectivesAdv.lua:695 and the other at nibRealUI\Core\UIScaler.lua:96

I am on a Mac, as well.

Brisingamen 10-16-14 09:03 PM

Just updated to r3. Still this problem for that one character, others are fine.

Brisingamen 10-17-14 09:09 AM

It seems to be a problem with é
I just created two characters, same race and class, named Theirame and Theiramé. I did the initial click to install RealUI on both, and both were fine until I exited WoW. After restarting WoW, Theirame is fine, but when I log in to Theiramé, I get presented with RealUI's click to install screen again. And clicking that reloads the UI and presents me with the click to install screen again, and again...

So, it does seem related to the é in the name. Before 6.0.2, I ran the previous version of RealUI (from 5 Sept, I think) for about a month with no problems, even on Réalta, so it's not a Mac or filesystem problem, per se.

MoonWitch 10-17-14 12:03 PM

This might be a dumb idea - but fonts?

(I had an issue where all names would be truncated, but I didn't get why. Turns out my font didnt support accents)

Brisingamen 10-17-14 02:47 PM

It shouldn't be font related. All the WoW fonts seem fine with accented characters, and the character's name appears correctly everywhere I can see.

I can look into the saved variable files from either of the test characters, or send off those folders, if it would help resolve this. I quite like RealUI, but this bug is making it impractical to play my mage.

TSquared 10-17-14 05:22 PM

There is a known bug with some accented characters:

Should be fixed next week.

Brisingamen 10-17-14 06:17 PM

That looks like it might, indeed, be the culprit. Where did you see anything about it being fixed next week, since there's no mention of that in that thread?

TSquared 10-17-14 06:19 PM

A little bird told me :)

Gethe 10-17-14 07:00 PM


Originally Posted by TSquared (Post 298239)
There is a known bug with some accented characters:

Should be fixed next week.

Thanks for the info ^_^

Brisingamen 10-22-14 04:55 PM

I just checked, and this is still broken. I can't use RealUI with any of my characters that have names with non-ASCII characters.

TSquared 10-27-14 10:27 AM


Originally Posted by Brisingamen (Post 298726)
I just checked, and this is still broken. I can't use RealUI with any of my characters that have names with non-ASCII characters.

Sorry, looks like I was wrong in my timing :(

Brisingamen 10-28-14 08:57 AM

Yes, I saw that in the patch notes! Hopefully, all will be well, once the servers come back up.

Brisingamen 10-30-14 12:14 AM

Fixed by 6.0.3
I can confirm that this problem went away for me with 6.0.3

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