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Palladia 01-07-15 02:33 PM

BUG: Cannot permanently untrack a quest
I can click on a quest and choose Remove Watch, or turn off its bubble in the Quest log, but either way, using an FP or zoning brings it back. This is extremely annoying since I currently have quests I can't complete yet (they require doing heroics and I'm not geared well enough for them yet).

I saw this mentioned as a comment on the Curse page, but I didn't see it listed here, so I figured I'd do it.

atl77 01-07-15 03:34 PM

There's an issue on github:

It should be fixed - can't reproduce it with the developer version.

Palladia 01-07-15 03:51 PM

Can you please link the fixed version?

atl77 01-07-15 03:57 PM


Originally Posted by Palladia (Post 304504)
Can you please link the fixed version?

Since the next release will be probaby soon, there's no need to. It'll be in the usual places.

Maeby 01-13-15 03:56 PM


Originally Posted by atl77 (Post 304505)
Since the next release will be probaby soon, there's no need to. It'll be in the usual places.

OK, it's been a week, and it's still driving us nuts. *Now* could you link it?

ircdirk 01-14-15 12:11 AM

GitHub version in my signature.

dvantassel11 01-14-15 10:20 PM

This issue still exists in the linked ircdirk version. Very frustrating for those of us that have a ton of Inn quests. I untrack these all the time but when I log out for a bit and come back they all come back tracked again.

Palladia 01-14-15 10:41 PM

I installed this and I still get quests that I untracked going back to being tracked.

capalex65 01-15-15 06:44 PM

Quest Tracking
Okay, so, currently, i've got mine setup so that it uses Blizz's tracker, Carbonite's log, but whenever i change zones or teleport anywhere, it clears the tracked quests. Is there any way to prevent this behavior?


Keep Carbonites log
Keep Blizzards tracker
Not have quests cleared every time i change zones or HS or otherwise teleport.

Is this at all possible?

samyonair 01-16-15 02:13 AM

That is a Known Issue in last Release of 2014, this behavior should be fixed on Github Version, only Known issue in development Version on closing WOW hided Quests are not stored.

Greetings Samyonair

dvantassel11 01-21-15 01:16 AM

"After closing WOW hidden quests are not stored."

Is this getting worked on? I don't see it listed as an issue on GitHub.

samyonair 01-21-15 02:17 AM

It is here in Forum an Issue, we don't need all twice, we have many things to do, cannot say if someone is working on this for the moment we all do this in our spare freetime and have many things on the list

Greetings Samyonair

spewage 01-21-15 03:50 PM


Not sure why you are so hostile here? A question has been asked about a bug that annoys many of us. We appreciate that the authors are doing "stuff" but suggesting that you have no idea if it's being worked on could also suggest that multiple people are working on it - which is just as bad.

Since ircdirk already said the problem is fixed, perhaps we could have a more measured answer?


samyonair 01-21-15 10:05 PM

Sorry if I had written something, which could be hostile,

The Problem with 2 or more persons working on parts or not we are beware of, and discuss Possibilities to prevent it at the moment.

English is not my main language, so it could be that some good meant words seems as hostile.

It anoy's me too, with the Problem you can be sure, but problem is most authors have to read more parts of the code at the moment because it is a huge addon and it is overgiven as is from Carbon Based Creations,
under gpl and rythal is out for buisness.

I'm only working on translation parts and help if I Can by Moderation.

Workaround for this bug by my own is that auto tracking is set off and track only Quests I want to do at the moment.
As I know fixed is only that Quests be untracked at Session.

Greetings Samyonair

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