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dc_roenfanz 12-18-12 01:52 AM

Sorry if this is annoying, or naggy, or idk, but it's been a week. Any word from Plantronics?

Cairenn 12-18-12 02:00 AM

Nope. I've got another email in to them.

I know it's frustrating, guys, it is for me too. Sorry. =/

Pepan92 12-18-12 03:23 AM

they are slacking too much i think :D

Protons 12-21-12 04:43 PM

Prize arrived today. Thanks :)

Zorvan 12-27-12 03:46 PM

Nothing here yet. :(

Cairenn 12-27-12 11:18 PM

Hang in there, it's coming.

Zorvan 12-28-12 02:38 PM


Originally Posted by Cairenn (Post 271081)
Hang in there, it's coming.

It's here! WOOT! Thanks! Awesome headphones!

Cairenn 12-28-12 11:47 PM

Excellent, thank you for letting us know. :)

Pepan92 01-15-13 06:22 AM

any1 who still didnt recieved headset?

myrroddin 01-15-13 11:29 AM

I have mine :banana::D

Pepan92 01-15-13 01:43 PM

where are u from am from SLovakia its in EU and still nothing damn :/

myrroddin 01-16-13 12:42 PM

I am in Canada, which, I think, is where the mail started. Although I did get mine a few weeks after some other people.

Pepan92 01-16-13 03:27 PM

well its like 2 months already i hope i will get my set soon :/ idk where is problem...

Cairenn 01-16-13 04:57 PM

I've been talking to Plantronics to see what is going on. It's seeming that many (most?) of the EU ones are severely backlogged at local post offices. =/

Pepan92 01-17-13 03:10 AM

so what we can do with that now ?

Talyrius 01-17-13 03:52 AM


Originally Posted by Pepan92 (Post 272012)
so what we can do with that now ?

Continue to wait patiently.

Pepan92 02-18-13 02:42 AM

any news Cairenn?

Cairenn 02-18-13 03:18 AM

/me sighs. I need to follow up on it again, I guess.

Un4s 02-19-13 04:48 AM

I'm also still waiting for my headphones.

I'm really sorry that this whole thing is causing you so much trouble. :/

Seerah 02-19-13 04:29 PM

We're the ones that are sorry you have had to wait! :o

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