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Originally Posted by Liarsenic View Post
Here's the deal, I run with oPie to hotswap auras depending on the need in a raid or in arena. And I'm using this mod Annoying Buff Reminder, which seems to be outdated and ALMOST what I could need it for. Basically, what I would need is the box to be exactly the same, but popup when say Im mounted, to sader aura, when Im in arena, to just remind me to check auras depending on classes, so frost for mages, fire for w/e, and ret for melee. Just something simple like that, I am wanting to start on, but have no idea where to start if you will, and how to go about building one from the ground up.
You can set up various options in Power Auras to handle this, since paladin auras are buffs. For example, I have a halo appear around my character if I'm in combat with crusader aura on.
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