WoWInterface - View Single Post - Will the team be continueing to support and up Carbonite Addon for Cataclysm?
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Originally Posted by Vis View Post
They haven't given us any indication so far that they are planning to stop working on Carbonite as of yet.

If I'm reading this post from Faatal correctly, I would have to say yes* it will be developed for Cataclysm.

*Purely my opinion and may/may not be correct. Time will tell though.
Here's hoping

Tried wow without any addons and set up the built in bars etc.... and ....

Although I have been playing for just over a year, I had friends recommending addon after addon, and then I found more on my own. So it was the first time I saw it in it's vanilla form.
Found it quite difficult trying to adjust.


ps, also realised this is the first time (second now) I actually posted here Been a reader for over a year.