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Originally Posted by Zasurus View Post
I hope they do aswell... Spent WAY to long interfacing my addon't with Carbonite to lose it! ;-)
Also if they did pack it in I am sure someone would take over. (not sure how the copyright laws and blizzards rules conflict and if they are aloud to say no you can't use our code...)?

Anyway there is one way to help ensure they continue... DONATE! ;-)

Being an addon developer my self I know that positive feedback (lots of it) is a very good motivator! I can't imagine what cold hard cash would do! ;-) LOL

Blizzard's rules say nothing as to copyright. If theoretically Carbonite were to cease development and not permit anyone to take up the project they would be well within their rights to do so.

I think it was Haavok who mentioned that nothing is happening at the moment since addons are currently disabled in the beta. One could assume that once they are enabled development will continue.

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