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Thinking about User Agreement Limitations and Safe Zones

I would like to discuss how add-on authors can safely work within user agreements related to WoW. Carbonite appears to be developed within the obvious safe zone. I feel that there is a significant area that can be further developed within the safe zone of those same agreements.

Carbonite is a "best in class" add-on.

IP law is messy - no doubt. So is drafting agreements or coding add-ons or anything else worth doing.

Is there anyone here who would like to work - actually work, make effort, labor, think, study, etc. - to figure out how brilliant add-on authors (such as those of Carbonite) can find a path to expand their contributions within the user agreements and step into the "creative content" field?

If the response is "no," or "go check your spelling," or "not on our boards," so be it.

People here theoretically have spent real money to support Carbonite. I hope that such a population would like to find ways to contribute to "best in class" add-ons and map safe zone paths to creative content applications.

This is really a simple question. Is this the right place (paid supporter forum of a brilliant add-on) or not?