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Originally Posted by carboniteaddon View Post
I read it all. We have no problem with you trying to draw stuff on the map, but would like you to do it through the public API functions, so internal changes don't break your code.

These functions were added for RareSeeker a few years ago and should still work:

function Nx.MapMinimapOwned()
function Nx.MapInitIconType (iconType, drawMode)
function Nx.MapAddIconPoint (iconType, mapName, x, y, texture)
function Nx.MapAddIconRect (iconType, mapName, x, y, x2, y2, color)
function Nx.MapSetIconTip (icon, tip)

The code you are calling is similar to these functions, but appears you are using more functions and parameters.

Since I just released 4.013 yesterday and am now working on 4.03 for WoW 4.0.3, this is not a good time for me to make the changes.

If you make a simple list of all Carbonite API functions you are calling and the types of parameters you are passing each, I can modify the existing public functions and add new ones to do what you need. This would probably have to be done after all the other map changes I need to make for WoW 4.0.3.
Yup those or the functions in was refering to and they are close to what I do for the reason I tried those first found out they didn't work anymore so I created my own to fix them! I considered asking for them to be fixed at the time but figured you had enought on your plate and wasn't sure I knew what I wanted to achieve back then...

I will spend a bit of time later simplifiying it all so you know what I am doing. I may even have a go at fixing the functions mentioned above (as I did that first but didn't want to hook to replace them due to the problems already mentioned in code scruing up when you made a change.

YUP I know about the changing screwing it all up! That's the reason I wanted to approch you directly as if it's messing up for me I can fix it as soon as I notice but as "Fix_ZasCarboniteFixs.lua" shows it might come back to you and that's not something I want!

Although fixing those functions will allow a universal interface and therefore prevent most problems when you change Carbonite that won't fix the problem I was trying to bring up in my first post (the code that is replaced in "Fix_ZasCarboniteFixs.lua") as these are hardcoded limits in "Nx.Map:UpI(dNG)" and "Nx.Map:IOMD(but)".

I would be greatfull if once you get some time (IF you get time! ) to fix the functions you mentioned you would also consider the changes I mentioned above as until that is done my addon will always have to use hooks to replace the functions "Nx.Map:UpI(dNG)" and "Nx.Map:IOMD(but)" as I can't see another way to get the required funtionality of right clicking though coloured shapes or changing the colour of icons both of which I require for my addon (WorldExplorer).

To make all this clear I will create a simple example addon. I will attempt to make it as clear as posible so you don't need to spend any time on it! I will try to get that done for later today but I don't expect you will get time for quite some time after Cata is out as I know how much is requried to be done!

Thanks again,