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Blizz Minimap and Carbo minimap not merging

I've returned to play WoW after a while. I think that some time ago, my maps used to merge to display the dungeon map.
Now, after updating my addons, I'm having this issue on ALL dungeons (old and new)

Now if I enable the Full Size option on Minimap, you can see that I'm on the same area and the zoom is almost the same.

This are the options I have enabled on Map Minimap

Is there any way to make them merge so my map displays the quest icons (like the turn in npcs) on the carb map???

P/S: I've tried disabling all addons and the zone map is not enabled... (googled a bit...)

This is how I would like to see the map when I'm inside a dungeon:

Thanks in advance for your time

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