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Originally Posted by jeffy162 View Post
I think your map acts the way it does because of the way you have it set up.

One other thing I noticed: Your Carbonite minimized map is set up to be "landscape" (rectangular) shaped. It does look nice that way, but please be aware that, apparently, the Blizzard minimap can only be made to be square while it is integrated with the Carbonite map. The Blizzard minimap will (in my opinion) never cover the entire Carbonite minimized map while it (the Carbonite map) is rectangular.
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My guess is that when you are outside the Carbonite map takes over and that is all you see unless you hold the "ctrl" key (which, when held, will force Blizzards minimap to appear on top of Carbonites map). However, when you enter a dungeon, the Blizzard minimap is shown (on top of the Carbonite map) by default. That is intended behavior by Carbonite. Blizzards minimap is, apparently, one size or shape unless forced to another size or shape. Carbonite will make Blizzards minimap square, but as far as I can tell it doesn't have any coding to force Blizzards minimap to a rectangular shape which is what you will need for it to cover your Carbonite minimized map (at any time) in the rectangular shape that you have it (the Carbonite minimized map) set to. There may be another addon to reshape the Blizzard minimap to a rectangle that works with Carbonite, but I don't know what addon that might be.

TL, DR: The Blizzard minimap just won't completely cover Carbonites map in dungeons if the Carbonite minimized map is set to be rectangular.
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