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What did i break?

Hi Guys, Firstly Thank you for THE single best wow addon. I love Carbonite and its my 1st addon i always install (currently installed Carbonite Release 7.3.0 Build 202dd97 thru the curse / twitch mod installer). Anyways on to my problem.

Im an old returning player and after initially installing Carbonite all was fantastic and i was merrily questing away using Carbonites help. The following day i logged into wow and my Carbonite map is not looking as it should. Monsters have weird llloking symbols, Mining Nodes arent looking as they should. So is there anything i change setting wise so i see default Carbonite Icons and not these wierd looking things?

[/url]Carbonite by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/]Glenn Wellstead[/img]

In the minimap (top left) my pointer is actually looking towards a Deranged Hellboar!.

Many thanks for all help.... Glenn - Nitronoddy
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