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Thank you. I just tried to add a button at the bottom left corner of the model frame to rezize as wish but it didn't worked... so I wrote few lines to add 2 buttons that change the size of the model frame and the model, the buttons showed but they did nothing. At least the positive thing for now is that I understand a bit when I read the code and learned how to modify few things in the script lol.

I fear to ask too much but I would like to add more options to this addon to make it even better if you accept:

- A button ("BG") that toggle between no background and a 50% transparency black background (Default is with the background).
- 2 buttons ("+" and "-") that resize the model frame (and the 3d model at the same time). Each click on + make it bigger and bigger, and - do the opposite.
- Once the model frame is locked, mouse middle click can be used to rotate the 3d model in all directions (not only left and right that mouse left click already does) to get views from above, bellow, ...

That's all but I guess that's a lot ^^
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