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Where do we go from here

While we have been thankful to faatal & haavok for the addon we know and love, we are now standing on the thresh-hold.

The source has been released to us, The source is actually very nice to work with since it is broken down into what controls what, and seperate files for each part of it. This will make fixing it a lot easier for myself and any others who chose to, along with allowing all the things we wanted and hoped for to come to reality.

I have uploaded the version a lot of us were already using, even tho it's still not perfect. And as of now I'm not doing anymore updates. (no don't get scared explanation coming)

It just wouldn't make sense to continue updating the massive 26k line beast I have been, not when we have this wonderful orderly meal given to us by them. So I need to redo all the changes I've done up to this point, just to get us on stable footing for moving forward. Once i've reached that point, then we can look at what not I only I want but what you the community wants, and work towards creating the Carbonite we always hoped and dreamed for.