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Originally Posted by myrroddin View Post
This is because the tool only supports Git, which I never learned (the Light knows I tried) and use SVN instead. It doesn't even use Hg (Mercurial) even though I also have never used that repository type either.
As P3lim noted it will work with more than just GIT. However If you wanted to give GIT another shot (I cant recommend it enough, i struggled with it at first as well) download SourceTree, I found for my self as well as some of my Co-Workers getting a decent UI to use with GIT helps more than anything. The next part to GIT is to understand is how it differs. (I am going to oversimplify here) With GIT your local copy is basically a server. The Server (aka GitHub, bitbucket) is basically another person. You make changes, commit the changes to your own local copy of the server. Then you "Push" the changes to GitHub. This Disconnect allows you to work offline and make many changes without internet then push all your changes when you can. Other people (Or you on a different system) can then "Pull" your changes from GitHub, basically its SVN's Sync but split into 2.

The ability to work offline and make many changes without communicating with the server is a big plus for GIT's flexibility. One of the other big things in Branches & Tags. People have shoe-horned Branches support into SVN with the Tags, Trunk, Branches folders but the process is alot more streamlined & native with GIT since each tag and branch are not all copies of the code, it leads to much smaller repository sizes.

Back on topic: This looks great i think ill have to mess with it tonight.
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