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Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
Doing anything with UNIT_AURA, especially calling those two functions each time, is a noticeable performance hit. UNIT_AURA is ridiculously spammed, dozens a frame, in any combat situation to the point that it's almost useless to even add-ons that deal with auras. I constantly have to edit add-ons I update to disable any registrations for that event. None of the add-ons I have edited do anything useful with it anyways.
I actually find it one of the more useful events. It's fired once per unit per frame, no matter how many auras are added, updated or removed during that tick. I can use it immediately to do my processing, or I can remember the fact that there's something different about this unit's auras and do it on a reduced frequency timer at a later point. And, most importantly, it's reliable... unlike CLEU.

Originally Posted by aallkkaa View Post
Just curious - no need to answer if you don't want to... but why so?
Why? Because your design is based on your assumptions, which is a great way to build unreliable code that's liable to break every time your assumptions turn out to be baseless -- which they always do.
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