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Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
Doing anything with UNIT_AURA, especially calling those two functions each time, is a noticeable performance hit. UNIT_AURA is ridiculously spammed, dozens a frame, in any combat situation to the point that it's almost useless to even add-ons that deal with auras. I constantly have to edit add-ons I update to disable any registrations for that event. None of the add-ons I have edited do anything useful with it anyways.
That is a good point, Kanegasi. But given that the OP had mentioned themselves that they'd gladly use UNIT_AURA (the alleged problem residing elsewhere), I never even thought about it.
And the OP (who was also who posted the comment I was inquiring about) just confirmed after your post that they're alright with listening to that event.
But indeed, Kanegasi, your point was valid (to me) and I actually had given no consideration to it before, so...

Originally Posted by merlecorey View Post
Why? Because your design is based on your assumptions, which is a great way to build unreliable code that's liable to break every time your assumptions turn out to be baseless -- which they always do.
Well, I don't act on assumptions. But I sometimes test whether an assumption turns out to be acurate or not.
So, for example, your assumption that my untested code would be worse than polling for changes is actually baseless. Even so, it might, upon testing, prove to be true. Or not.
I asked because you seemed certain of what you were saying and I wanted to learn. Turns out you're no more certain about what you said than I was about what I proposed. Just sayin'.
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