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1.6 changes and effects thereof

Not sure what section to post this in, so I put it here for now.

As most people probably know by now, 1.6 is going live today.
I know some patches are bound to break some mods, 1.5 seemed to be the worst so far.

My main concern is regarding some of the fixes released to attempt to fix mods that were broken by 1.5. Using the info posted here and on other forums, I tweaked a few .lua files to make some mods work, and I dowlnoaded a file from here to also help with the problem.

I know this probably can't be answered quite yet, but does anyone think that any of these fixes for 1.5 will cause problems in 1.6, and should be removed?
I know Blizzard tries to keep people informed about upcoming UI changes and command changes/removals/additions, and I'm wondering if based on that, anyone knows if Blizzard fixed the issues that were fixed by third parties, and might cause conflicts.

I'm also very bored, home sick from work, and want the servers to come back up.
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