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I just logged in to wow. My mage is questing in Thousand Needles, but is currently in Feralas. There were three waypoints for the topmost quest in the tracker ("Behind You!"). The objectives are in Thousand Needles, but the waypoints were near Feathermoon Stronghold. I then clicked on the first quest objective in the tracker, and the hud immediately pointed (correctly) to the location in Thousand Needles. So there is a problem between Wow-Pro (leveling guide) and Carbonite. I logged out, downloaded and installed Tom-Tom, logged back in, disabled Carbonite, and enabled Tom-Tom, entered the game. The hud points (correctly) to the quest location in Thousand Needles (when I'm in Feralas). So the problem seems to be with Carbonite. Hope this helps Faatal and Haavok get it fixed.