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@wowinterface.com is in my contacts, which is supposed to whitelist it. I have it filtered into it's own label, which should whitelist it. I have never had problems with getting more than one message a day from wowinterface.com (and, in fact, got 2 today, a notification from this thread, and a notification that Can I Mog It? got updated).

ETA: I managed to find a way to come back to the basic view, so I just went into the filters and made sure things were NOT being sent to spam. We'll see how this goes.

Admittedly, I am using the base html version of gmail, because the version they rolled out a few years ago that has everything expand and drop down as you move your mouse across the screen made my machine stutter and crawl. (Yes, my machine doesn't like it on here, either, but as long as I keep my mouse off the top row it's not bad. Gmail had stuff all over the screen.) Looking on the web for 'whiltelist gmail' I see there's an option I don't have on the 'create filter' page, a tickbox for 'Never send to spam'. I just tried to see about changing it on my phone's browser, but it has no way to access the settings or filters that I could find.


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