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Originally Posted by mondoz
I would love to see some data on this. I think it would be extremely interesting.
I'm sure it won't be long before someone writes their thesis on the economics of online games...

Actually, people have. Read something about MMORPG economies, etc. they went into detail on a lot of things.

Oh, and I stand corrected. As I read through all the posts, I see what Mondoz is talking about. In "most" other mmorpg's its either completely or mostly a player dependant economy so gold farming flushes them down the toilet.

But he brings up some extremely valuable points.

1. 1 gold or 1 billion gold is irrelevant when coming to BoP items. You are right I do love that about WoW.

2. The fact that WoW built such a strong economy in the game, fixing all the "important" prices in the game so that anyone of the appropriate level could use them without being bankrupted. I.e. Flights, training, repairs.

3. While personally it is always nice to have lots of gold, he is right...its not really needed that much, unless you come across something very rare, and even then nothing stops you from just going to go get it yourself.

Good arguments all. And sound. Never saw it that way, as far as WoW is concerned.
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