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Originally Posted by chemosh
3. While personally it is always nice to have lots of gold, he is right...its not really needed that much, unless you come across something very rare, and even then nothing stops you from just going to go get it yourself.

On a side note, I've actually tried to play 'price fixer' on a couple occasions, just to see if it would actually do anything.
I've bought up all the items of a certain type, something seen not very often... Raised the prices of them, and re-listed them.

It never works. There's always someone who comes in right after, and undercuts my prices.
Before I know it, someone else has undercut them. And again.
Suddenly, I'm left with these items that I can't sell for a profit, much less the price I actually bought them at.

I have about 5 'Tomes of Arcane Brilliance' in my bank right now that I would have to practically give away to get rid of.
At the time, they seemed to be fairly rare, and run at a pretty good price. Now their price is in the toilet because more people are finding them somehow.

In other occasions, for really rare items, that I've only seen once or twice, those can be bought and resold for more, but even then, you're running the risk of getting stuck with a pretty pricey item that might never sell. Someone on my server does this excessively with blue and purple items. But almost always, someone else undercuts him, and it's suddenly a non-issue.

And for common items, like wool or low level ore, just forget it.
There's way too much of it out there, people put it up for auction at a fantastic rate, and everyone wants to undercut each other.

Some of these experiments really make me thing WoW's setup is currently darn near invincible, and scales fantastically.
Blizzard really pulled off something special.
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