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Originally Posted by Kaelten
You have enough people doing this and prices will go up..
Not exactly. Farming for items would actually cause prices to go down. Supply vs demand; over supply and the price drops.

The biggest issue about farming itself is when people turn items they have into coin not gained by players (ie; merchants). When the ratio of money gained > money leaving the economy, the prices rise. Bot farming is the leading culprit.

Bots are bad ... and I do feel anybody that would vote for bots must be doing a bit of that nature his or herself or there wouldn't be an argument on their side. Who wants to see the price of their favorite lvl 45 staff/sword over 1k cause of farming?! An economy should never be allowed to the point where a user must bot just to keep up (if you want that goto Lineage II where I hear a lvl 20 item costs a couple million Adena).
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