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Some suggestions for server upgrades

I am going nuts. I am on moonrunner (not on the maintenance list) and I am still down. So much for being live at the scheduled 2:00 PM EST (it is 7:00 PM now). I wish they had better communication about this stuff. If I just knew when the server would be back I wouldn't be hitting the server status page every 40 mins or so.

They really should have an email notification system for your server status. Poeple could subscribe to notifications of when the servers are going up or down.

A hot swap system wouldn't be a bad idea either. They could have a set of hot swap servers that could be updated while the current servers are still running. The hot swap system could then be rolled into production after minimal downtime for transfering the latest character data over. The hotswap computer then becomes the production server and the old production server is then used for hotswapping in the next system. Much less agrivation and downtime for the users.

Hopefully someone is listening to this.
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