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Most quest addons have the same key problem with database: It is hard to identify zone drops, etc. unless you do it manually. This is why several other addons like QuestHelper often thinks the source of some quest item is the mailbox (if it can be traded and people sell it on AH) instead of showing where can you get it from mobs, vendors etc.

Carbonite is better since it shows more possible locations, and for this reason it is less missleading.

Also since it shows multiple locations, if the nearby one doesn't have that many mobs, overfarmed, camped by bots, etc. you can go to another location.

Buts its database is incomplette, and has some bugous data.

Say: Some of the Argent Tournament Dailies now require us to kill specific kind of mobs, yet the database includes another solution. In Un'Goro I seen 2 objectives lines for the quest where you kill the winged dino things, but you no longer need to kill 2 kinds of them for the quest, etc.

So in essence Blizzard UI might seem better, might work better, etc. and the amount of other carbonite features I use are rather limited (gathering and pals) and some can be replaced.

Yet there is a point where carbonite is strong. Blizzard UI doesn't tend to show multiple locations for the quest object, according to the patch notes, etc. it shows closest one... Which can be farmed by many players...