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Originally Posted by Liarsenic View Post
I can't necessarily pick out the actual UI but the buttons use either Buttonfacade or Cycircled, which skins them to look circular, I'm leaning towards Buttonfacade if it's a more recent UI. The unit frames look VERY much like agunitframes. The map is obviously Sexymap(I can spot that flashy shtuff anywhere)Chat mod is WIM(Warcraft Instant Messenger)it's obviously an older UI because he's using Questhelper, he has an unmodified version of Grid, and as far as I can tell he has some of his stuff on Fubar.
yea thx for the update on the addons being used. i know / have used every one of those . but to be more on point. im actualy just looking for the art or what ever he used for the kgpanel artwork . the rest im sure i can make myself . again if any one knows or has seen the art work post away
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