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So, I installed Carbonite over the weekend and did my normal questing, etc. Man, I love this thing. However, I started lagging REAL bad after about 2 hours playing. I would have to quit WoW, chill for a bit and come back.

Last night I thought, "Maybe it's carbonite, that's the only thing that's changed", so I uninstalled it and played, and nothing.

Is it just my imagination, or could it be Carbonite doing it?

If it could be Carbonite, what steps should I take to tone Carbonite down to a point where I still get some great use out of it, without it causing lag spikes? Is it a temporary thing (I told it to scan something about quests... And if that's the cause, I know at some point it'll STOP scanning because it'll complete the scan, and thus all willl be right with the world)?

I know there are a lot of questions here, but really, I like the functionality of the product, I'm just not happy with the current situation, but I'm willing to suffer it if there's an end in sight...