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So, I think I figured out the problem.

First, I finally figured out how to monitor the memory usage of my addons (leave me alone, been playing for 6 months), so I started watching them.

Carbonite was tops, using all of 7 mbs. Then, I walked into the AH and immediately I started lagging. Checked, Auctioneer was scanning, at 22 mb. It wasn't lagging until I went to the AH, and I remembered, I've been leveling my Enchanting/Tailoring by buying mats off the AH. But, I only did that one of the two nights of the weekend.

THAT's what was causing the lag, not Carbonite.

Now, to figure out how to tell Auctioneer to keep quiet until I'm on my bank-alt, and I should be good to go.

Thanks for the help. And yes, you DID help. You led me to research my other addons and how to find their memory usage.

I also found several other addons which I don't really use anymore, and that helped a lot as well.

As for the "Quest" stuff, it was asking if I wanted it to scan the server for completed quests. This time, I said "No".

Hope that keeps its usage down ever further.