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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
Brokers not one of mine...
That's true .. Broker is actually more an WoWAce interface between various modules I guess. When we are talking about a broker, I think we mean the bar (or equivalent) that shows the various broker addons.

Carbonite isn't natively a Broker addon (sad thing) and depend on Broker_Carbonite to show Carbonite as an icon/menu. I think the Broker interface itself is part of WowAce. What the user sees can be compared to Fubar. There are F2B and B2F addons, that I am not sure works anymore as most people have moved away from Fubar me thinks .

Anyway Broker_Carbonite have been filling the gab for a long time. Unfortunately with the patch of Carbonite after 5.3 everything seemed broken, and the whole thing seems to be connected to a missing NxData.NXGOpts. In fact, line 20-23 (or so, I'm using notepad for this) of broker (Broker_Carbonite) says:

-- ACE Methods
function Carb:OnInitialize()
	NxData.NXGOpts["MapMMButShowCarb"] = false
Maybe you can give some hints to what this should be saying.

Also the whole module seem to refer a lot to functions in a Nx structure/scope. I presume (without too much investigation) that Nx/NXGOpts was a way to keep certain items global.

Hope you read this Rythel and keep up the otherwise great work.
And in any case excuse my ramblings.

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