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Quest list & details panes

Ok, either I just can't find where to change this, or it can't be changed, but when I want to look at the quests and check the details, I'd like to be able to resize both panes.

The problem I'm having atm is that the list pane is a fixed size, but the details pane resizes.

What this means is that if I only want to see the two or three quests at the top of the list pane, it is either fixed width or fixed height (depending on whether I'm showing the panes vertically or side by side).

At the same time, the details pane can be resized--but the text doesn't wrap if the pane is narrowed. That means if I try to make the window narrower or shorter (again depending on relative pane location), I can't read all the text quest, which is the whole reason for opening that window in the first place!

Please, someone tell me I'm an idiot and tell me how to find the controls!

Thanks for any help!
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