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Additions to Carbonite's Guide

I recently attempted to add the Ogre Waygates from Warlords of Draenor to the Carbonite Guide, mainly so they would show up on the map constantly and I wouldn't have to use Notes to keep track of them. I figured out the file system that Carbonite internally uses for the Guide and was able to get all 7 of them placed on the map with an icon and add an entry to the Guide for them.

However, the button in the Guide seems to be broken for my addition. Unlike the other items (such as mailboxes or innkeepers) in the Guide, clicking on the button I added for the Waygates does not lead you to the nearest one. I assume I'm missing some code somewhere for Carbonite to actually lead the player to one via the map after clicking on the entry in the Guide. I sadly don't understand enough of Carbonite's code to fix this issue.

I'm willing to share the modifications I made to Carbonite with Rythal to get the Waygates added properly, once I know how to submit the files to them. In addition to adding the Waygates, I intend to finish filling out the Mailbox locations for the Guide/Map. I noticed many were missing in Draenor.
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