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[Classic - Request] Calendar addon for guild raids and events

Good afternoon, everyone,

I'm looking for an addon that offers a similar calendar feature for Classic as it does in Retail. Mainly the calendar should allow a guild to create and manage events, send invitations to members so that members can accept and decline them and based on that you can easily organize ingame raids without having to use third party websites. Apparently such an addon already exists. It is called GroupCalendar (see link). unfortunately it doesn't work at the moment, you can open a window with several tabs via a command line, but then no functions are available.

Edit: new link: https://www.warcrafttavern.com/addons/groupcalendar/
It seems like it was deleted on here in the meantime

It would be great if someone would agree to repair this addon or create an addon of this kind. Addon development is unfortunately not within my area of competence at all, because of which I could not make any efforts of my own. Since I already mentioned this topic on Reddit, I am of the opinion that such an addon would be gladly accepted by the community.

With kind regards

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