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This makes sense, actually. I've considered adding a flag my addon to detect when something like UNIT_AURA has happened a bazillion times in just one frame, and waiting until the next frame to execute the code only once. The downside is that you are imposing 'latency' on the player.

In theory, they will see the information one frame later and thus have a slower reaction time. It's kind of like purposefully having tiny lag, in order to have a faster framerate... but of course we're talking about imperceptibly small fractions of a second.

After playing around, though, I found the savings on a 120Hz screen to be so marginal that it wasn't worth it. I guess if it were an expensive function then it might be helpful... but displaying buffs on a screen doesn't take much effort. A computer capable of super-duper-fast refresh rates probably has the processing power to push through it anyways.
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