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Thanks for testing!

Did you try it with a world quest?

The error only occurs when a non-Blizzard data provider exists and when trying to open the map in combat by clicking on a block/tracked world quest from the WORLD_QUEST_TRACKER_MODULE (just spam it multiple times -> click on world quest, escape, click on world quest, escape, and so on - when the error occurs the map cannot be opened anymore by clicking on a world quest, it does however still open when clicking on a normal quest).

Video: https://youtu.be/kqBBK5EjYP8

5/22 23:48:38.703  Global variable INTERFACE_ACTION_BLOCKED_SHOWN tainted by MACRO_TAINT - Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:5448 DisplayInterfaceActionBlockedMessage()
5/22 23:48:38.703      Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:3282 CheckProtectedFunctionsAllowed()
5/22 23:48:38.703      Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:3294 ShowUIPanel()
5/22 23:48:38.703      Interface\FrameXML\QuestLogOwnerMixin.lua:103 WorldMapFrame:SetDisplayState()
5/22 23:48:38.703      Interface\FrameXML\QuestLogOwnerMixin.lua:85 WorldMapFrame:HandleUserActionOpenQuestLog()
5/22 23:48:38.703      Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_WorldMap\Blizzard_WorldMap.lua:440 OpenQuestLog()
5/22 23:48:38.703      Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_ObjectiveTracker\Blizzard_BonusObjectiveTracker.lua:208
Adding a data provider and removing it instantly doesn't seem to trigger the error:

Lua Code:
  1. local dummyDataProvider = setmetatable({}, {
  2.     __index = function(t, k)
  3.         print("|cff00ffff"..k.."|r");
  4.         return print;
  5.     end,
  6. });
  8. WorldMapFrame:AddDataProvider(dummyDataProvider);
  9. WorldMapFrame:RemoveDataProvider(dummyDataProvider);
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