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Originally Posted by robthedude View Post
Am I right in thinking that Crysis is THE most graphicly intensive game on the market at this time?
Yeah and that's all Crysis has going for it really. I found it dreadfully boring and repetitive, despite its gorgeous looks.

As for using a micro tower, I agree. I have an Antec P-182 (a monster of a case) and things still tend to get a little warm, despite the amount of room and the number of fans I have in here. I don't think I'd ever cram things into a smaller space. Also, if you get a smaller case the room for expansion is nill. The card I just got (8800 GT) is only about an inch from hitting my hard drive bay due to it's length. And I never thought I'd have that problem in this case :P

Third thing, if I ever get Vista I'd never throttle myself with 2G of RAM.

Just my two cents
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